BPO Services

Business Process Outsourcing Solutions is the helping hand for your business. We want to ensure that your business thrives while sparing you the non-essential day-to day business tasks. How do we do it? For all your business process outsourcing needs, BPOS is the solution - by providing innovative superior quality and effective solutions at lower costs and coupled with guaranteed productivity.

Our philosophy is simple - We provide high quality receivables management solutions through the integration of leading edge technology, highly skilled and motivated staff and proven workflow practices.

Lead Generation:

Let our experienced telemarketers generate qualified hot leads for you. We free up your time so you can concentrate on what you do best to close deals.

Lead Qualification:

Whether you have a list of contacts from a trade show or a list, we can turn them into qualified leads for you. Our experienced professionals will take the tedious task of lead qualification off your hands. You get only qualified leads back from us.

Research Surveys:

Whether you are gathering information to sell as sales leads or generating leads for your own company, research surveys are the way to go. Let our professional team do the work for you. Our telemarketers work around the clock for you.

Live Chat Support:

Live chat does the heavy lifting phone and email can’t handle. Get rid of long queues and surprise customers with instant answers. We have a team of professionally trained executives to jump start your chat support process.

Telemarketing/Call Center

We have a team of professionally trained telemarketers. We can do anything from lead generation to surveys to sales. Experience leads to more lead to sales conversions. We have a high ratio of conversions because our team works full time making calls for you.

Order Taking

Inbound or outbound calls, we can handle it for you. Our team can flawlessly integrate into your business to receive calls and take orders for your company. Our representatives are courteous, friendly and professional. Customer service is one of our top priorities.

Technical Support

Let our expert team handle your tech support hotline so you can concentrate on running your business.

Customer Service

Customer service is one of today's most important aspects. Companies are rated mostly on their customer support. The after sales service is the most important detail a customer looks for when making a purchasing decision. Our team is trained to handle any situation.

Help Desk/Answering Service

We offer a live help desk service and answering service. Eliminate the need for multiple secretaries in your office. Save on costs. Let our team take care of answering your phones. We can integrate our service flawlessly with your office.

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