Industrial Solutions

Authenticity Verification of FMCG Goods


The ability to extract text from an image is a proven technology. However, the ability to decode laser printed text on the bottom panel of cigarette packets through image processing requires a diligent engineering process. The print pattern varies on each pack though it is manufactured in the same batch. In order to address this, we had to carefully analyse numerous samples and train the algorithm to extract the printed text. Through various iterations and tests, we achieved near 100% accuracy and repeatability. This was the easy part.

ITC however, required this solution on a smartphone. Next step was to port this solution onto a smartphone. To achieve the same performance as that on a desktop solution, we had to do a lot of complex engineering. After spending lot of time and work, we are proud and satisfied with the end results. And so is ITC.

Remote Industrial data acquisition and monitoring


We developed a custom built applciation to collect data from various devices and displayed the same across various RBAC dashboards.

POS for Track and Trace system

Client: Wine Retail outlets

This was a system we implemented in the State of Telangana to track, trace, regulate, authenticate and retail genuine duty-paid liquor from point of bottling to point of sale.

We used a custom-built system comprising of an Industrial PC with an internal SIM holder for cellular connectivity, a 2D barcode scanner and a thermal receipt printer and integrated all these with a custom developed application and provided an end to end solution to regulate and control payment of excise and void boot-legging of spurious liquor. This has resulted in significant paid taxes as revenues to the State of Telangana with minimised pilferage.

This project involves managing networked infrastructure spread across over 1000 locations across the state of Telangana with a service turnaround time of less than 4 hours.

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